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Carpet Cleaning means HG

Every day on the carpet, especially if it is in an actively used indoors, a huge amount of dust settles. In the summer, when the windows are open and the fine particles fall freely into the room, it becomes many times more. The carpet is not only dirty, but also becomes a threat to human health in polluted pile begin to actively proliferate harmful microorganisms. It is therefore particularly important to timely and proper cleaning of carpets.

They have a unique composition, which under the force of removing not only dust pollution, but also dried stains from chocolate, wine, coffee and so on.. For example, oxygen-containing solution “active stain remover” pushes the dirt out, thereby not only effectively clean surface, but lifting the pile.

It leaves no streaks and forms a protective layer on the fabric, which slows the absorption of impurities in the surface. This means that the next time the strait on a chair or sofa coffee stain can be removed much faster and easier.

Apply cleaner for carpets must be on a dry surface, to great effect to leave for a while. Then gently remove the carpet or textiles, dry cloth.

Cleaning carpets – this is not the only thing capable of compositions by HG. The line of products is presented as a solution which gives the surface anti-slip effect. It can be used for the treatment of rugs in the bathroom, where the probability of slipping is higher. Clean even if your carpet or sofa traces sumptuous feast, they can easily be solved with the help of products HG.

In this case, the surface itself does not suffer because in solutions no aggressive substances that deplete the fabric fibers and lint. Furniture and carpets will look as if they had just brought from the store yesterday.

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Methods for cleaning upholstered furniture from all sorts of pollution

Some people believe that when hit on soft furnishings certain substances in cleaning may help in the best case a special dry cleaning. This is not entirely true, if we apply the tools that help neutralize the pollution, but at an early stage.

Sellers upholstery note from the buyer to the increased demands on their product. Still, after any person spends a significant part of home entertainment anyway in contact with furniture. But whatever the quality and expensive it may be, it will still need from time to time to vacuum (for example, using the technique of Karcher). But it is, so to speak, maintenance cleaning, but if, for example, the sofa will be contaminated by various substances such as concentrated wine or chocolate, there’s need to use special cleaning techniques, the furniture has not been spoiled forever.

If we talk about this beloved all the goodies like chocolate, the cleaning stains from it compared with other substances, a simple matter. Of course, it is necessary to make a reservation, if the clean-up measures taken in time. Contaminated area should be cleaned with a dry (or slightly damp) sponge or cloth, and then treat it with a solution of soap. In conclusion, it is necessary to dry well “defeat” the place, it can be done using a powerful vacuum cleaner model 5500 Karcher is fine in this situation.

If your precious furniture spilled wine, then there exists two ways, depending on whether the red or white wine. If white wine, the best way to clean up the contaminated site will be processing solution at 75% consisting of methyl alcohol and 25% water. Then, the processing mild soap and drying. If the wine is red, you need to place an additional (a bit!) Wet with salt water, which absorbs dyes wine, and you will just dry up and vacuum the surface of upholstered furniture.

In the fight against stains from fruit juice will help solution consisting of ammonia and vinegar, to be put on pollution. Then, of course, “forced” to dry it.

Some people think that beer is harmless as water for soft furnishings and wrong, because the stains from beer certainly will not be any particular color, but there will be a very ugly divorce. If spilled beer, first blot the spilled cloth and then apply a solution of vinegar (no more than two tablespoons per 1 liter of water).

Remember “good spoon for dinner,” and if there was contamination – fight with him immediately.

2. Ki ne szeretne gyorsan végezni a takarítással egy-egy kivitelezés vagy felújítás után? Ebben nagy segítség, ha már munka közben használunk RUBI ipari pórszívó , hiszen így már a kivitelezés ideje alatt is sokkal tisztább környezetben és gyorsabban dolgozhatunk.

Removing stains from upholstered furniture

Jacquard also called artificial silk: composed of 50% synthetic fabric and 50% cotton. She may have a different density, but its foundation is unchanged jacquard weave. The name of the material was in honor of Joseph Marie Jacquard in 1801. The thicker warp yarn, the denser tissue. Jacquard upholstery requires special care: in any case can not scrape away dried stains from upholstery, it uses a sponge with soap suds.

Removing stains from upholstered furniture

Many spots (lipstick, ballpoint pen) can be removed with an alcohol solution (10%), then rinse with warm water. Do not bleach jacquard upholstery cleaning can be carried out using a soap solution, you can use any cleaning agents, water-based.

Washable covers can be manually at a temperature of not more than 40 degrees, you can use the services of dry cleaning. Drying and pressing in the washing machine covers can not.

Shenillovye tissue

Chenille is also considered as a kind of jacquard fabric. Shenillovaya thread (chenille in French – a caterpillar) is fluffy and dense structure. Composition of chenille may be different: most often found mixed variants – Polyester with acrylic, cotton or viscose. In such upholstery excellent resistance to wear, it is ecologically clean.

Most stains can be removed with a chenille with a mild soap solution. After removing stains from the gum or greasy stains desirable to treat the fabric with an alcohol solution. Chenille – tissues sensitive to excess moisture, so washable covers of this material is undesirable, it is better to turn to the dry cleaners.

Daily care Chenille is simple: just a regular vacuuming furniture, clean the surface with a soft brush or sponge. If you remove the stain using a soap or other solution, blot with a dry cloth or disposable towel to avoid stretching the fabric.

Removing stains from upholstered furniture


Flok upholstery is a nonwoven fabric, essentially application of natural or synthetic fibers in the substrate of the adhesive fabric. Flock – one of the most popular upholstery because it is inexpensive, but it is practical and will last a long time. In general, to create a tissue using a thin nylon pile, carefully crafted and-dried.

Scrape away the dried stains from upholstery such can not in any case, otherwise the risk scraped them together with a nap. First, it is desirable to treat the stain with a sponge soaked in soapy water, then blot with a dry cloth, allow to dry pile, and then comb it with a soft brush. Some stains are removed with 10% alcohol solution. When choosing a stain remover, pay attention to its composition: it should not contain mineral oil, chlorine or other strong substances – means should be water-based.

In no case can not squeeze the upholstery of the flock, it is not recommended and dry cleaning. Caring for the flock is to maintain the purity: the upholstery can be treated with a vacuum cleaner and a special soft brushes.

Skotchgard, suede, microfiber

Tufted upholstery fabrics, which include microfiber, suede, skotchgard, no doubt, give the special attraction of upholstered furniture. Make weave fabric using multiple threads, one of whom is velvety. It is from velvety (pile) yarn will depend on appearance, quality and consumer properties of the product.