Carpet Cleaning means HG

Every day on the carpet, especially if it is in an actively used indoors, a huge amount of dust settles. In the summer, when the windows are open and the fine particles fall freely into the room, it becomes many times more. The carpet is not only dirty, but also becomes a threat to human health in polluted pile begin to actively proliferate harmful microorganisms. It is therefore particularly important to timely and proper cleaning of carpets.

They have a unique composition, which under the force of removing not only dust pollution, but also dried stains from chocolate, wine, coffee and so on.. For example, oxygen-containing solution “active stain remover” pushes the dirt out, thereby not only effectively clean surface, but lifting the pile.

It leaves no streaks and forms a protective layer on the fabric, which slows the absorption of impurities in the surface. This means that the next time the strait on a chair or sofa coffee stain can be removed much faster and easier.

Apply cleaner for carpets must be on a dry surface, to great effect to leave for a while. Then gently remove the carpet or textiles, dry cloth.

Cleaning carpets – this is not the only thing capable of compositions by HG. The line of products is presented as a solution which gives the surface anti-slip effect. It can be used for the treatment of rugs in the bathroom, where the probability of slipping is higher. Clean even if your carpet or sofa traces sumptuous feast, they can easily be solved with the help of products HG.

In this case, the surface itself does not suffer because in solutions no aggressive substances that deplete the fabric fibers and lint. Furniture and carpets will look as if they had just brought from the store yesterday.

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