Methods for cleaning upholstered furniture from all sorts of pollution

Some people believe that when hit on soft furnishings certain substances in cleaning may help in the best case a special dry cleaning. This is not entirely true, if we apply the tools that help neutralize the pollution, but at an early stage.

Sellers upholstery note from the buyer to the increased demands on their product. Still, after any person spends a significant part of home entertainment anyway in contact with furniture. But whatever the quality and expensive it may be, it will still need from time to time to vacuum (for example, using the technique of Karcher). But it is, so to speak, maintenance cleaning, but if, for example, the sofa will be contaminated by various substances such as concentrated wine or chocolate, there’s need to use special cleaning techniques, the furniture has not been spoiled forever.

If we talk about this beloved all the goodies like chocolate, the cleaning stains from it compared with other substances, a simple matter. Of course, it is necessary to make a reservation, if the clean-up measures taken in time. Contaminated area should be cleaned with a dry (or slightly damp) sponge or cloth, and then treat it with a solution of soap. In conclusion, it is necessary to dry well “defeat” the place, it can be done using a powerful vacuum cleaner model 5500 Karcher is fine in this situation.

If your precious furniture spilled wine, then there exists two ways, depending on whether the red or white wine. If white wine, the best way to clean up the contaminated site will be processing solution at 75% consisting of methyl alcohol and 25% water. Then, the processing mild soap and drying. If the wine is red, you need to place an additional (a bit!) Wet with salt water, which absorbs dyes wine, and you will just dry up and vacuum the surface of upholstered furniture.

In the fight against stains from fruit juice will help solution consisting of ammonia and vinegar, to be put on pollution. Then, of course, “forced” to dry it.

Some people think that beer is harmless as water for soft furnishings and wrong, because the stains from beer certainly will not be any particular color, but there will be a very ugly divorce. If spilled beer, first blot the spilled cloth and then apply a solution of vinegar (no more than two tablespoons per 1 liter of water).

Remember “good spoon for dinner,” and if there was contamination – fight with him immediately.

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